Tuesday, December 6, 2016

its ok to be not ok


Nouman Ali Khan said in his video,

(gigih menulis. for me especially.)

Dimulakan dengan kisah Nabi Yaakob a.s dengan Nabi Yusuf a.s.

"i am only complaining about my grief  and my trouble to Allah." - profound words.
"All of us and some points in our life have grief. All of us have some kind of trouble and we like to share our grief with people around us."

"Yes, we do find comfort in each other but i will never be able to understand your pain and you will never be able to understand my pain. it will never happen. the grief that i feel, only i can feel.
you know what we do? we try to compare our grief with to somebody else's or we try to compare all your situation is similar to that situation.

every situation is unique. every hart is unique. every ache is unique.
and the only one who truly understands the pain that you're going through is Allah.
The only one who truly truly understand what you're going through and symphatize with you like no one is capable of sympathizing with you even the best of your best friend is going to be Allah.

I know something from a lot people dont know.

putting trust in Allah. knowing that He understands you like nobody else can understand you.
knowing that He feels for you like nobody else can feel for you.
He sympathizes woth you like nobody else can sympathize with you.
so, your first wave to complaint is to Allah.

'Ya Allah, you know what im going through.'

people have a loss and when they have a loss in the family, they are cry. and their family members very insesitive tell them you shouldnt be crying. you should be patience or you should be happy because your father is in Jannah.

Yes, we should be happy because they are in Jannah but we were also human being and we cry and its ok to be sad.

im only crying to Allah. this is between me and Allah. Allah did  not deny that beautiful emotion that is sadness.

its ok for you to be sad. its ok for you to cry.
it is necessary for you and Allah is not think less of you that you dont have patience and Allah didnt create robots. He create people with emotion and even prophets had these emotions and they are validated in the Quran. so how we can deny this of people, we can't.

May Allah give us relief in our moments of sadness and allow us to not be oppressive to ourselves and to others when it comes to expressing our emotions.

"Allah is never far away no matter how dark it gets.
 Allah bring lights, everything is in the hands of Allah."

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