Friday, November 25, 2016

im talking about him again :')

10 November 2016; 7.10 am

i was very shocked when i heard that you're leaving from this dunya.
i'm speechless...
so, i was in a daze for a few weeks until today.
i took for granted that until the very end of your life.
i cant stop thinking about you.
before sleep, i will see your picture.

this morning, akak bangun solat tahaujd.
when i pray, i told to Allah that i missed you.
i wanna meet you. im crying in front of Allah again.
ayah. akak rindu ayah. seriously.

mak always talking about you, ayah.
she's pretend strong in front of us.
but somehow, akak selalu nampak mata mak merah menahan airmata dari jatuh bila mak cakap pasal ayah.


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