Monday, August 1, 2016

#babbling 1


yesterday, i just wanna talk with someone. 
i called my friends. 
no one answer my call. 
so sad. 

after that, she called me back. her name is mijah. 
calling me 30 minutes then i said,

"ok mijah, nanti habis kredit kau telefon aku. ok la, ..."
"fadh, takkan dah nak bye dah. its ok la... talking again... until,

the call ended. and i was laugh. 
"her credit must be finish already." then, i called her back.
continue talking. adding 30 minutes more. 
we were talking in 1 hour already. 
after talking with her, i smile.

i just wondering,
why im very comfortable with her. 
not with someone who near with me. 
she's far away from me. 

when i wanna talking with someone,
she will be my best person to talk. 
she just listening what i want to talk. 
sometimes give me some advise. 
and comfort me. 

i hope you're not married so soon mijah. 
if not, who i want to talk. :( 

she said, if she married, 
just called her anytime. 

i said, 
we will see, mijah. 

so far what have i seen in my life,
my friends who got married, her life is different. 
yes, the phase is different too. 
from single to married woman. 

i dont think we can call freely with them until 1 hour like yesterday.

i miss you, mijah.
how come you are so far from me. 

miss the old days. 
i dont know how to thanks to you. 
maybe one day, i will go to your place, inshaAllah. 

life is a lesson. 
if people put you down, dont let them put you down again. 
get up. 
lets get life better than them. 

missing the old fadh. where are you now?  :'(