Monday, February 22, 2016

one of chapter of my life

activate semula facebook yg dah lama tqk buka. hajat dihati, mahu delete account facebook tu sebab dah ada account facebook lain.

sebelum nak delete tu, buka 1 group facebook yg dah lama tak buka.
group 'Actuary Usim 5th Batch'
scroll down what we had discussed before.

time belajar dulu, apa2 announcement dlm group ni. nak tau pape announcement, buka la group ni.
kalau zaman sekarang ni, student will create based on whatsapp group or telegram group. more easier. you can access the group in anytime, anywhere.

1 thing yg buatkan group facebook ni special, walau bertahun kau tak buka group tu, semua maklumat or discussion still ada lagi. its like, when you access the group again, you will have a sweet memory to remember.

what have i decide is,
i will not delete this account facebook because it have many memories that i can see again and it will make me smile. :)

one of chapter in my life is,
have a good friends and coursemates.
and they are,
Actuary USIM 5th Batch.
2009 - 2013.

and until now still keep in touch.
our friendship,
from 2009 and still counting inshaAllah.
knowing all of you is a blessing from Allah.

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