Friday, October 18, 2013

when we got test from Him


actually, im tired with everything in this life. sometimes, I just wanna give up with all of those things. But, I try to be strong because of Him.

yes, I cried all of the time. but,I try to be a problem solver. I try to not cry again. and alhamdulillah, I made it. :)

and the problem still not solved yet. huhu. :'(
everyone depends on me but I'm tired already.
when the first plan cant be done, we move to second plan and if not succeed, we move to other plan.
fadhilah, please no excuses.
you can do it.

Im tired when too many outsider involved in this matter and they didnt try to solve this but they become instigator/troublemaker in this matter.
human behaviour. its common huh.
and it became worse when the people more trust to outsider compare to insider.

for the sake of my family,
please pray for us to become more stronger with this test.

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