Friday, October 25, 2013

Maryam Athirah

pada mulanya nampak sombong
tidak mudah bergaul dengan orang lain
seorang pendiam pada mulanya
dan juga seorang yang pemalu

seorang yang 'particular'
seorang yang cerewet dengan makanan
nampak 'nerd' pada mulanya

4 tahun sudah
orangnya yang nampak sombong
tidak mudah bergaul dengan orang lain

telah mengubah dirinya
menjadi seorang yang suka menghiburkan kawannya
kadangkala menjadi penceria suasana
yang juga pandai bergaul dengan orang lain

seorang pendengar yang setia
punyai nasihat yang bernas untuk didengari
Jika dia diam, ada perkara yang tidak puas hati di matanya
seorang yang suka menolong kawan
disaat suka dan duka

terima kasih kerna sudi 
menjadi seorang kawan
kepada kami

Maryam Athirah binti Abdull Rahim

Hasil nukilan,
Nurfadhilah Ismail
25 Oktober 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eh.kau pun ada?

"beb, kau ada masalah eh?"
"takde lah." (senyum)
"jangan nak tipu aku.aku tau kau macammana.share la kat aku. "
"bukan taknak share. kalau share pun, kau pun tak boleh nak tolong aku. takpe, aku boleh handle.jangan risau eh."
"kau jangan nangis eh. kau kan strong."
"amin, moga aku kuat macam yang kau doakan." (senyum)
"jom lunch."

untuk kawan saya yang risaukan saya. thanks a lot for giving support. :')

I know. everyone have problem. and the problem must be face it. don't run from it. 
Moga Allah beri kekuatan.


I will miss this moment. forever.


Friday, October 18, 2013

when we got test from Him


actually, im tired with everything in this life. sometimes, I just wanna give up with all of those things. But, I try to be strong because of Him.

yes, I cried all of the time. but,I try to be a problem solver. I try to not cry again. and alhamdulillah, I made it. :)

and the problem still not solved yet. huhu. :'(
everyone depends on me but I'm tired already.
when the first plan cant be done, we move to second plan and if not succeed, we move to other plan.
fadhilah, please no excuses.
you can do it.

Im tired when too many outsider involved in this matter and they didnt try to solve this but they become instigator/troublemaker in this matter.
human behaviour. its common huh.
and it became worse when the people more trust to outsider compare to insider.

for the sake of my family,
please pray for us to become more stronger with this test.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

road in life journey


ada orang request update blog. ade reader rupanya. :)

hmm, nak update ape ye... actually, many things happen to me along this life journey. :)
everyone have their own life journey. everyone have different journey.
actually, your life journey teaches you many lessons/hikmah that you cant see.
you can see after the things happen.
you will realize, 'owh, this is the hikmah Allah wanna give to me.'

the road we take in this life journey is our choice.
you can choose which road you want.
my advice, please choice the road that can bring you to heaven.
no matter how much pain you had gone through,
please be patient.
always smile.

4:54 pm