Thursday, August 1, 2013

when i made a mistakes


***curi masa sekejap***

when i made a mistake in motor takaful.

after i done do a quotation for one participant, I realizes something. I was made a mistake again. the period of takaful is not same as before. the policy is still not expired yet. huu.

I said tu kak hidayah, one of the staff.

"kak dayah,camne ni. dah buat silap lg."
kak dayah cakap, "nak buat camne, kena la pi tingkat 12 sat g.tapi, nanti fadh cakap."

"kak dayah, tak reti nak cakap."huu
"kalau fadh buat silap selalu fadh akan buat apa. cakap je dengan hati. takde skrip pun."

level 12 is a haunted place for us. haha. because level 12 is a place when something wrong with our work. they will cancel or do something with the things we bring to them.usually the policy matter and NCD if motor takaful case.

I start to practice how to talk with the staff after this with kak dayah.
I don't want to talk with someone-that-always-angry-to-us when we do this thing.
I remember when the first time we do the mistake and I still a newbie in this place, she was mad with me and kak dayah with crazily. T.T

and the second time, we ask to another staff to markup our mistakes.
before this, kak dayah was made the mistake. so, she was talk to the staff but I also have with her when the mistakes happened. so, we put the responsibility together.

since the third mistakes was made by me, kak dayah ask me for told to them.
then,  I tried to talk with Puan Ayu, staff at level 12. sometimes she mad with us because the mistake but we're comfortable if we mad by her. this is because the way she mad to us is like a sister mad to her younger sister. haa, like that...

*phewww, today, her mood is good.*  punya la practice nak cakap dengan dia before jumpa tadi. huu...

alhamdulillah, we can meet with Puan Ayu and Mr. Shahril if anything.

tired huh, always go to level 12 and level 20...after we correct our mistake, we went to level 12 again. 

when we made mistakes, many things we can learn.

"do something you hate everyday,
just for the practice"


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