Friday, October 12, 2012

yesterday were history

Premise 1: Yesterdays were histories.
Premise 2: One existed in yesterdays.
Conclusion: One was a history.

Any regrets?

Because trusting that Allah has better plans for us, just put the heart at peace.

I will only look back to reflect, not to cling on to the memories.
Sayonara jahiliyyah. 

Jahiliyyah in one self is like the chewing gum sticking at your shoes. You get annoyed by it and you'll try to remove it any way possible. 

Trust me, there's nothing sweeter than pouring your heart out, telling Allah all your hopes and wishes and dreams, asking Him to sustain all your needs, thanking Him for every single thing He grants you with. 

Nurfadhilah Ismail is learning the definition of love. The true love, that is.
One should not be worried of not being loved when He has Allah.
I'm nowhere near perfection. The only thing that I know is to strive. I would not be able to reach the level of being perfect. I'm no angel.

How I wonder whether the 'penduduk langit' know my name or not.

Allahu Robbi, put this world in my hand, not in my heart.

originally from hamasahamba

terasa lemah

When those we love hurt us by their words, we feel double the pain. Pain due to their words & pain because we cannot respond in the same way. (sungguh, sakit teramat)

Jika sesekali terasa lemah melangkah, renungilah alam. iAllah, kita akan dpt belajar hidup drpd hidupan yg lain. sungguh menenangkn. :)

bukan pendam, tapi kesabaranku sudah tiada lg buat so sorry.this is my decision.hope all of you can understand.

moga Allah beri kekuatan buat dirimu, fadhilah. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

kurasakan 'sesuatu'

ianya tidak dapat dikenal pasti
adakah ianya
perasaan? benda?
yang pasti ia susah untuk diungkapkan.

adakah ia satu perasaan
perasaan kehilangan sesuatu,
sesuatu yang berharga
pada diri sendiri mungkin.
yang kita tidak mahu ia hilang.

perasaan sayang? rindu?
kurasa ini pun bukan
tetapi ada sesuatu yang lain.
kurasakan sesuatu yang makin lama
makin jauh dariku,
apakah ia?
ia meninggalkan satu persoalan buat diriku.

Ya Rabbi,
ku tertanya-tanya lagi
apakah ia?
jika ianya adalah iman,
kurayu padaMu,
ku mohon,
jangan ditarik iman yang telah
kau berikan padaku.


July, 2012