Friday, June 22, 2012

Visit of Professor Steve Haberman

20 June 2012: Dinner Fundraising Haberman

most of them are from alumni City University, London.student's Prof Steve Haberman. Cass Business School.
only 3 of us are students whereas, all of them are workers such as from Bank Negara, MNRB and Actuarial Partners.
speechless. don't know what should we do. 
we thought, our lecturer will come, but he didn't.
there have something like a gap between us and them.
ah, feels like i wanna lose this thing from my mind,
but, at least we got some experience...
manners. that's important.

21 June 2012: Visit of Prof Haberman to USIM

meet with lecturers.
talk with us. Q&A session. many things we got from him.
actuarial science course, professional exam, master program etc..

friend: 'do you have some failure before this?'
Prof: "No, I didn't. luckily, i passed my professional exam when the first time i take. but i have some story about a politician and a reporter. 

reporter: "How you get the GOOD decision?"
Politician: "from a good experience."
reporter: "how you get the good experience?"
Politician: "from a BAD decision."

friend: "Can we know, who is the politician?"
Prof: "Haha. this is only a story. "

Prof Steve Haberman
Qualified Actuary
Professor of Actuarial Science, Director and Deputy Dean 
Cass Business School

p/s: do you know actuary? 

Don't ever think to stop or turn back with what you do when the thing is more than half-way

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