Sunday, April 1, 2012

something wrong with my heart


Assalamualaikum wbt.. :)

good morning to all of you. cehh, today is 1 April 2012. haha. i cannot sleep at this time.
tomorrow i will have driving test.
this monday, i will have test Life Contingency II. [owh, so scary~]

"we fight through the hurt and we cry and we live and we learn and we try, try and try."

oh dear, i miss my mom. i miss my family. cant wait to back home on this thursday.
i think, every week i called my mom. sometimes i will called my mom  twice a day.
then, she will say. "why?"
i will say. "nothing. just because."

im not a person that say something like, " i miss you mom, thats why i called you."

something goes wrong with my heart right now.
i dont know why.
my friend also like me.

ok la, i will stop typing.

"ya Allah, please ease my journey. i wanna perform my study on this semester and next semester. i know this is not only my phase of my life. this not my ending if i fall. and i will try harder.and i know, you will give a better things to me in this life.. please fadhilah, you can do it. nothing is impossible. im shy with You. many wrongs i had done to can do to 'sayonara jahiliyyah'. "

its not easy to istiqamah. but, please. fadhilah, you must run right now. you cant walk with slowly on this time anymore.

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