Sunday, April 1, 2012

im like -.- for today

today, im wasting my time at Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.
should be my driving test at there. not a driving test. but 'ujian undang2'.
they got a problem with the JPJ from yesterday and wanna fix it today.
so, we must wait technician or whatever-so-called.
if not, our money will burn like that.
from 8 am- 4pm. can you imagine. we didnt do anything.
we lunch and solat zohor. at that place, they dont have any surau. so, we just go hotel at in front of that place.asking the receptionist about surau. she is a muslim and she said we cant solat at that hotel.
we are like -.- (what?)

then, we ask again to clerk who work at that place.
she said, there have another surau, but not far.
im relieve when she said the surau is not far. but then, when we find it, actually, the surau is very FAR from that place. we must across one 'taman perumahan' and a college. on that time, the weather is hot.
so, we think that clerk maybe want to comfort our heart with that situation.
i can see from her eyes.

when we back at that place, the technician or whatever-so -called is not arrive yet.
we are like -.- again.
at last, the clerk said, today we will not doing any test. the date will be reschedule again.
owh no, i look at wall clock. it shows 3pm already.

then, we wait the van at outside.
we wait the van in one hour.we wait like a fool person. T.T

so, im arrived at home in 4pm.
from 8am-4pm. im doing nothing.
im not bring anything because im rushing on this morning. and i thought if test is done, i can back home in 11 am with happily.
but, on reality, i can back home in 4pm with do nothing. so sad. badly.
tomorrow will have another test. test LC.

-be patient, there must be a reason why this thing become like this.-

stop rant.

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