Tuesday, September 13, 2011

something for me

assalamualaikum.. :)

today, alhamdulillah. class start at 10 am with subject risk theory. my lecturer n my senior said this subject is one of killer subject in this semester. afraid? of course. the subject will become hard n harder. i will fight n study smart in this semester and after this.
and i also was selected as a class representative in subject risk theory maybe.actually, i dont want. but, there have a story about it. i try to be responsible with this duty.

i ask advice from my senior. inshaAllah, i will do the best for this semester and till the end of semester. i got many advice from my senior. i am very thankful to my senior cause help me many

i promise to myself in order to focus on this semester and try to get higher pointer than before. amiin..

ya Allah, i need Your Help. thanks to Allah, cause give me another chance in my life.

i believe in myself.

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