Wednesday, July 20, 2011



today, i wanna share something. just wanna spill what i feel and what i'm doing right now.
maybe no one read this post. i prefer if no one read this.

i always test by Him right now.
with my family.
my study.
myself again.

when i see "Bersamamu". i know, at outside many people have a heavy problem than me.

ugghhh....(wanna scream right now)
i know, no matter what happen, i have Allah.
just spill at Him.
i was do it but the problem still not solve yet.

my friend said.
"kau tak leh just doa je kat Allah. sometimes, you should spill at someone.tak leh simpan sorang2."

tell you what. i'm not that type.

someone tell me this.
"kita ni tak leh just tulis je dalam kertas pasal apa yang kita rasa."

i wanna be a strong girl.
not crying over other people.

struggle with myself.

sometimes, doa pun tak sungguh2... T.T

i know everything happen in my life right now, there have a reason which only Him know more than me and else.


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