Saturday, April 16, 2011

me = normal girl

I’m just an ordinary lady,
I have nothing special for you to buy.

I know I don’t have anything,
but yet I claim I have everything.

I always fulfill my life with sins,
always transgressing bounds with defiant grins.

Before this I was just a tiny ball of flesh without bones,
but yet my heart is harder than stone.

But now, I have to realize that the truth is serene,
I have to wake up and smell the deen.

I have to stand firm, although standing is hard,
my life was a total ignorance before, but now this is my start.

I’m not a scholar or a preacher; I’m just a normal girl who makes mistakes too.
This is me, now, who are you?” :)

~ Ameen Misran of Langit Illahi~

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