Friday, April 15, 2011

::13/4/11- nur syazwani mohd soffian ::

this entry special for u...
Nur Syazwani bt Mohd Soffian.

for her birthday.
13 April 2011 - 21 years old.
my housemate + coursemate.
sorry sebab lambat celebrate...

hadiah tudung from hanis syamilah. (:

banyakkan dapat hadiah...tambah2 lagi coklat..wee~

yeah, wani dah boleh mengundi.
daftar cepat2..
hopefully what we want, we will get it, inshaAllah.
get justice for our country.
pilih pemimpin yang layak.
 remember from what En. Rosli said to us.
"when u get for vote, vote for the right person.the better person. not for the party."
else, u know better than me.

happy belated birthday, wani..
be strong no matter what happen.
smile always.. :)

be happy macam mana kau happy sekarang..
if u're happy, we'll be happy too.
u're one of my strength.
i need ur support sometimes and always.
now, i really need u as my friend.

thank you because be one of my friends.
sayang sangat2 kat kau...

"Ya Allah, Kau berikanlah kebahagiaan kepadanya di dunia dan akhirat."

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