Tuesday, February 22, 2011

::nobody cares::

everyone have do any mistake in life. including with me.
sometimes, i think...
ya Allah, please take me. i don't wanna live in this world anymore.
but, i have many sins with You.
sometimes...nobody cares with us..
no one know and care with us.
only He know more about us from deep inside until to outside.
He knows about our secret no matter how we hiding it.

sometimes, i got emotional until like above picture.
thanks to cikgu ina because of you, i can smile at this time.
yeah, not all things we must share with anyone.
but, i dunno who i should rely on when i got a problem.
i just can share with Him.
only Him know about me even i dunno what happen to me.
thanks a lot ya Allah...(:

i think i just a kind person who can help other person without his/her knowing.
i think i am a nerd girl.
i know that i'm tired after doing some work.
then, i help other person.
i think, why i'm do this..
should be, this is not my work.
why you be a such kind people?
 Or you are fooled by others?
until you 'dipijak kepala' by others?
don't you...
think about this.
you can be a good girl but stop being as a fool person by others.
 i cant hold it.


kiki said...

fad,jgn r camni...
ko tau x,ko sebenarnye baek..sume org nampaklah..ak pon nmpk,ni kan org laen..sume org ade kelebihan n kekurangan..standart r tuh...
saba yek.mmg kekadang kite akan,lau x kite yg mengup kn balek diri kite,sape ag yg nk tlg kite..

fyi,ak sgt paham ko time ko tules mende ni..sbb ak pon kekadang down gak.ko igt ak ade ke yg nk tlg ak up balek??ade ke yg nk tlg motivate ak balek??? x,xpe,lau ko down,carik r ak..lau ak x leyh tlg pon,ak boleyh denga prob ko..^____^

nurfadhilah ismail said...

huhu...thanks kiki..
tapi, ak jenis susah nk spill kt orang.
ak sendiri yg kena bangunkan diri sendiri.
ak bukan jenis yang suka ceritakan problem ak kt orang lain.
i try to strong in front of you.
but, sometime i cant be like tht..