Sunday, January 9, 2011

spend time with them

5 January 2011

celebrate birthday maryam athirah @ yam and nur aqeela @kiki. simple but even this is simple, what we want  from this is appreciate them as a friend and remember their birthday. 

chocolate cake and forgot to put domino's pizza picture.

6 January 2010

hang out with my housemate to Alamanda, Putrajaya. coincidently, met with our senior at there. we hang out on this time because of maybe we have no time to do this after this. so, this is the right time to do this things with them. 

eat at Kenny Rogers..

on that night, i just rest at hannan's room. when i wanna back to my room, wani said to me:-
'fadh, nanti jangan lupa tengok dalam rak buku ea'

and then, i saw on my rack, owh, dunno what i wanna say but i've seen chocolate and one notebook. can look at below. this is one of my present. others is handmake cake from hannan. what i can say to them is thank you very much. i appreciate with what have you gave to me. actually, i didn't expect i will got present from my friends. only remember my birthday, it is enough for me.

 this is cute, thanks wani...(:

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