Tuesday, January 11, 2011



today, i wanna share something...(:

handmake cake by my housemate, maryam...beautiful design.sincerely, i dunno how to make the cake until day, i will learn with them or just read from recipe, insyaAllah... this is the picture.

today, my friend and i speaking.speaking what? arabic? no... just in english. just wanna make our english become more better.not just to show off to other person. from campus until our house. but, just a moment only. 

then, my matric card also was done. i lost my matric card after one week sem 4. dunno where i put it.its difficult when i doesnt have matric card. all thing in this campus use by matric card. for our attendant in lecture also use by matric card. should be tag in front of lecture. huhu. after 3/4 days, my matric card will be active. dont lost it again please! 

about my study, today just have differential equation lecture and creative thinking lecture. this week also doesnt have tutorial. wah, wani so happy bcoz tomorrow doesnt have DE tutorial. funny when see her face during my friend said, tomorrow doesnt have tutorial. but, tutorial just got it on this morning. so, must be do it.

and then, this friday is holiday...and got message from my teacher who teached me during school. she asked me, wanna hang out on this friday or not. for sure, i wanna go.miss with her.but, as usual, i have program on thursday until friday afternoon. qiam rehlah...(:

recover from my more cough and else.

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