Saturday, January 8, 2011

::my last younger brother::

this entry not for all of u. if u wanna read, go on...(:
this entry, i will story about my younger brother.his name is Mohd Aminuddin bin Ismail. today is his birthday. its not too late to say happy birthday to him. 

'nudin, happy birthday yea. struggle for ur PMR on this year. no PS2, no laptop, no game please!'

this is about him. he's born on 8 January 1996. in my family, we called him, adik, nudin. his friend called him as amin or uddin. when last time i saw him, means when he in primary school, he always find a way to fight with me.and like to be punch by else. but now, he's grown up and 15 years old on this year. his voice also change.haha~ he's not like kid that i've known before. always wanna fight with i said before, he's grown up already.he's also a stubborn person but he's a good child to my parent.owh, he also master in cook. he can cook with himself without helping from others. that's all about him. if i compliment him, he will praise himself. i've very seldom back to my home. i'll back when i got holiday. i didn't expect he will change like this. what i wanna say, he's grown up already. not like kid under 12 years old anymore. 

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