Saturday, January 29, 2011


26hb January 2011

planned by jiey, we went to i-city. leave home in 8.30pm.then, our destination before i-city was raiyan's house.arrived raiyan's house at 10pm bcoz got some trouble.(: 
then, we had dinner at there. at 11.30pm, we leave raiyan's destination, i-city.
i-city close at 3 am.
 so we spend at there in 1 hour. 
we just took many picture. very beautiful. nice.
 this is our picture.

ok, sesi utk kenalkan housemate...
at raiyan's house...cik hannan...

cik saadah..

cik raiyan...

cik najihah

we are happy family...

swan...ade kenangan kat cni..tak pasal2 pak guard tu tiup wisel...mane la sy tau, x bleh duduk dkt2 dgn swan ni..

all housemate except me...

my housemate...teratak 72 acacia...
behind from left: hannan, wani, jiey, k. mila, adah.
front from left: athirah, raiyan, mar and me yg mata putih sebelah..huhu..

arrived to teratak, at 2 am...

saya sayang anda semua.<3..^___^

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