Tuesday, January 18, 2011

can i?


minda dalam keadaan stress.baru lepas class Differential Equation. macam pembuluh darah ni nak pecah bila menghadap en.mohri. tapi bahaya kalau pembuluh darah pecah. boleh bawak maut kan. can ask who more expert than me..continue..tgn mula sejuk2 ketakutan di saat tutorial class. 2 hours. jantung ni dup dap dup dap. sudah berselawat dalam hati agar tenangkan hati. nak buat ape takut. kan kan kan. 

if u want love this subject, u must love the lecturer. then, u will success. bak kata En Rosli pulak.
yes, i love Differential Equation and like En. Mohri...(:

then, feel relieved when my name passed.but, i still make my own mistake.careless mistake.

this week, i think i wanna back my uncle's home. wanna see baby. owh yea, this thursday is holiday, thaipusam.
are u celebrate? 
this week also have Liga Bola Jaring Fakulti. my friend ask me to join this. but i said, no, i can't. this weekend, i wanna back home. you ask another person. sorry. and i also can't play bola jaring. no experience. 

then, i got message. ask me this sunday go to jaulah at Ampac, Bangi. 
i think again. decide, ok.i will go jaulah on this sunday.
about bola jaring, i also think again.
i dunno how to play bola jaring. but, i wanna play. so, i invite my friend, maryam n hanis.
this saturday. 
badan mula lesu bila tak bermain. sekali-sekala bermain. tak ada salahnya kan. tapi, lawan fakulti lain. i have no experience but i wanna play. so, what happen to this saturday, just wait and see.

so, my plan to back my uncle's home is cancel. really busy in this month. every weekend have many program should i go. but, its still ok with me. 

owh ye,this word is always in my mind.complementary to each other.
 no one perfect in this world. ur life like a puzzle. should be fill it. i have my own weakness. and my friends also have it. so, my friends will cover my puzzle which can't be fill. then, we will get strength. accept me as i am. this is me. if i do any  mistake, advice me with properly.  

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