Thursday, November 25, 2010

Islam: Cretor of the Modern Age

just wanna share something in this blog.
from what I read in book Islam: Creator of the Modern Age by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

this is from what the writer write in his book.

the year was 1965 and I was on a visit to Lucknow. There I met a highly educated non-muslim, who not only didn't believe in religion, but who also considerer religious discussions quite meaningless. In the course of the conversation, he put this question to me:

"If Islam had never come into being, would there have been anything seriously lacking in world history?"

I spontaneously replied, "Yes. There would have been the same shortcomings as existed before the advent of Islam."

My answer silenced him.


There can be n doubt that Islam, in essence, is the discovery of such divine guidance as shows man the path to eternal success in the Hereafter.

The main purpose of a tree is to bear fruit. but, when it is fully grown, it also gives man shade. same with Islam. The main purpose of Islam is to open the door of divine guidance to human beings, so that they can come closer to their Lord. Islam is complete truth. And when such truth reveals itself, it not only becomes the source of all blessings for mankind, but it also gives guidance which is of great guidance which is of great practical utility.


God created a perfect world. Then, He created man in perfect form. Next, He command man to live in the world and make use of everything he found in it. Man was told, moreover, that there was only one Creator who should be worshipped. Man was to worship this God alone, and none else besides Him.

But, man still went astray. He began to worship anything such in nowadays, we dont realize that many muslims had worship in hedonism and else. we had fun with this hedonism. song from western, movie, and etc.


Turn to Allah.
He's never far away.
Put ur trust on Him.
Raise ur hand and pray.
"O Ya Allah, guide my step and dont let me go astray."

"Telah semakin dekat kepada manusia perhitungan amal mereka, sedang mereka dalam keadaan lalai (dengan dunia), berpaling (dari akhirat)"...[surah al-Anbiya':1)


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