Friday, November 26, 2010

ethics ethics ethics!!

history & philosophy of science is more easier than ethics.
if read philosophy, i'll more wonder about something happen after that situation.
such as on Abbasid Caliphate, what happen during on that era.
modern science, whose invent in science, al-Khawarizmi, Jabir Ibn Hayyan and else.
this is just make me more wonder.

if ethics...
just about theory.
all about ethics and more about terms.
Distributive justice.
I think i should get reward if i can finish ethics...(:
on this morning, got one thick that note!
tomorrow, will sit take ethics paper exam.
stilll have time huh!

btw, ethics also is easy like history & philosophy of science...
probability, dakwah in arabic, linear algebra also same.
no big deal!!!
just small matter!

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