Friday, October 15, 2010

happy belated birthday!!

post by lavenderamethyst...

this post special for my friends;mirra + shida...
sambil nyanyi lagu Allah selamatkan kamu~
sanah helwah ya mirra wa shida.

secara tetiba,
actly, we wanna celebrate birthday mirra..
but then,
azie told us, celebrate for shida also.
so, after class probability...
went to MSA + Vigo to buy sumthg for tonight.
wani very excited..
buy snack.
ingredient for make cake.
ingredient for make mee curry.

excited to make cake.
handmake cake by us.
thanks to maryam.
without u, maybe the cake can't be done..=)
thanks to saadah coz make mee curry.

 M & S...
stand for.
mirra & shida.
above: green apple.
shida n azie think, d apple is a

ade buah kiwi.

 nice cake.
ni baru betul handmake...=)
saya x makan..ngee~
balloon bersepah.

 no pisau cake..
shida n mirra bersatu tgn.

balloon yang sempat amik pic.
banyak yang suda meletup.
terkejut masing2...haha.

nice moment~
agak2 birthday sy ade x orang celebrate..hehe~
mcm xde je..
orang da balik da time tu...

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