Thursday, June 10, 2010


after LSP, i think i want to improve my lnguage by practise wit my fren but it just a moment...after that, i speaking malay again...haha...actually, it must be consistent n help each other but its not function anymore...ARAB!!!huhu....y u r not easy to understand....sometime i feel sad, tention wit myself bc0z cant understand what my lcturer talk about on his lcture. sometime my fren laugh with what my lctrer say n i dun understand what he said until i laugh with them like a fool person...
after this, i will make sure i can improve my language...n 1 thing, my akidah lecture...the lcturer just read the book n do not explain at least the meaning..huhu...i feel, i attend or not attend the lecture is same...not understand.i just attend ths class for to sign attendance it fair to me??? my fren said: "blik umah tido lg baik"...i try to be not lazy anymore n less sleep at home...i try my best to do it...this last week, i will have final short sem.gudluck for me...fighting!!!

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